Our financing model is built on a combination of structural funding from public bodies, project funding for entrepreneurially developed projects in collaboration with interesting partners, and other income.

Intercult is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Culture Committee and the Stockholm County Council. This support is the basis of our financing. We also develop projects in collaborations where each partner takes a responsibility. We actively apply to project funds.

In recent years we have been given generous support by the EU Culture 2007-2013, Swedish Institute, Nordic Culture Point, Region Västra Götaland, Göteborgs Stad, EC DG Communication, Nordic Culture Fund, European Culture Foundation, Swedish Writers’ Union and Foundation for the Culture of the Future to realise our projects. Swedish Arts Council and Stockholm’s Culture Committee have supported international projects.

We also gain income from participant fees for courses and conferences, rent for our studio the Annex, project management, lectures and other commissions.


Nytorgsgatan 15

116 22 Stockholm Sweden

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